Lights! Action! Camera!

Our Land Trust ‘At The Movies’

water reflectionsWhen I was asked to be part of a video about my volunteer experiences for the Land Trust, I figured it would be easy. Every time we head to up the cabin and pass the sign that says “Haliburton Highlands”, it feels like coming home.  It’s always easy to talk about home, isn’t it?

However, when that single camera lens is trained on you and filmmakers are waiting to capture your ‘brilliant’ words, it’s amazing how your brain deserts you.

In other words, I choked.

But in the hands of professionals Tammy Rea and Midori Nagai of Highlands Media Arts, my scattered thoughts responded to their understanding and good humour. Soon enough, I was speaking with passion about the work of the Land Trust. I shared how we need to think generations ahead. How it is more than educating our children. How we adults must relearn what we have forgotten: the natural world is ours to discover, not destroy.

The video is remarkable with gorgeous images of the land we love and rich with the voices of others who share my passion. When what you believe in truly matters, you can always find your voice. Which is what all of us who cherish the Highlands must do: find our voices and speak for the forests, the wetlands, the lakes, rivers and streams. We must speak for all the voiceless inhabitants of our incredible landscape.

It may not always be easy but if we don’t speak now, it will be our legacy… and our shame.

Ruth E. Walker is an award-winning Ontario writer and has a cabin tucked between the Burnt and Drag Rivers in Haliburton. She is an active member of the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust.

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