Turtle Underpass Installation

drift fenceThe Haliburton Highlands Land Trust has completed phase II of The Turtle Road Mortality Project – installing the barrier fence.

Many thanks to the excellent volunteers who gave of their time – and muscles! – to get the fence in place. The area has since been re-seeded to help the natural vegetation grow in again for next spring.

The next two spring seasons will again see our intrepid volunteer Turtle Monitors out in the field,  monitoring at this site and two others, designated as “control” sites. The data collected during the next two turtle nesting seasons will help determine the effectiveness of this type of barrier fence at preventing turtles from being killed on our roads.

If you are interested in getting in on this project, and would like to volunteer some time next spring, just get in touch with us and we’ll put your name on our list! Get in touch with our office by phone at (705) 457-3700, or by email at program@haliburtonlandtrust.ca. You can also ask us to sign you up for our “Turtle Times” newsletter, a special edition e-newsletter that goes out to all of our turtle monitors and other folks interested in regular updates on the project.


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