The Land Trust Collection

The Haliburton County Public Library will soon be offering a new collection of books in its catalog: The Land Trust Collection. The collection will have an environmental theme, with fiction and non-fiction, and coming soon, a selection of kids’ books, too!

We are excited to embark upon this collaboration with our HL_50years_sizedlocal library system. We can help to provide a great selection of materials that educate and entertain, while fulfilling our mandate of offering resources and information to the community. We are also delighted that the library has been purchasing books for this collection from our own Master’s Book Store.

If you would like to make a suggestion for a book that you think should be included in this collection, go to click here and fill out the form. You may also offer to sponsor a book, or the entire collection, by making a donation.

More resources and information is available from the Land Trust website, too. Check out our “Resources” page, where we will continue adding information for property owners, environmentalists, and all of those who love the natural world as we do.

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