HHLT Volunteers at Dahl Forest

Boundaries and a Bear!!  A great day spent with volunteers Jan MacLennan and Peter Dahl, Shawn Chevalier, Dave Northcote, and Joan Duhaime, marking boundaries at the Dahl Forest!  Many signs of moose and saw some beautiful wetland beaver ponds.  Also ran into a bear…. read on!



We unexpectedly disrupted a bear in his den! (Jan’s leg broke through a brush pile near the den)The bear woke up, exited his den, and proceeded to run quickly into the bush right between Jan and Joan.  Thanks to this hearty group of volunteers for a fun and productive day!


Opening of the den which was under a fallen tree.

Bear prints in the snow from it’s hasty exit!


  1. Michèle Swyer says

    Was that a can of Bear Spray in Dave Northcott’s hand? You just never know who you are going to meet on the trail!

    • You are quite right Michele – you can never be quite sure who or what you may encounter on the trails. It is always an adventure. No it isn’t a can of Bear Spray in Dave’s hand, he was in charge of the orange markings on the perimeter boundary of the Dahl Forest. We are pleased that you are following us on our website, and hope to see you again soon a one of our upcoming exciting activities.
      Christel Furniss
      HHLT Office Administrator
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