About Us

Marsh Ceiling

Photo by Lyn Winans

The Land Trust believes that all our lives are improved by the presence of a healthy natural environment. We believe it is our duty to protect our natural and cultural heritage so that our children can have what we have.

There is significant economic value to a vibrant natural environment. Preserving our environment is an economic plus, not an economic minus.

The Land Trust believes that a healthy natural environment has social and cultural value.  People are happier and healthier when they can enjoy clean water, natural beauty and outdoor spaces.

We believe we can work in partnership with the Haliburton Highlands’ residents, businesses and government to create an outcome that works for everybody. We’re not against development – we just want to make sure that everyone accounts for the value of our natural and cultural heritage.  We are working to make sure Haliburton County’s property owners, businesses and governments to consider Haliburton’s natural and cultural heritage in their decision-making processes.

We believe in the importance of education in ensuring our natural and cultural heritage is protected.

We could not do this without our supporters- our members, volunteers, and partners.  They are the true heroes – their crucial support sustains our mission to save  Haliburton County’s natural heritage for future generations through donations of land, money, and time.