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Haliburton County Public Library:

The Land Trust Collection

The Haliburton County Public Library will soon be offering a new collection of books in its catalog: The Land Trust Collection. This will be a collection of books, many suggested by Land Trust members and supporters, that encourage the themes of conservation, environmentalism, and love for our natural world.

Bessie Sullivan, County Librarian, describes the partnership like this:

photo by Angelica Blenich

photo by Angelica (Blenich) Ingram

“Good public service relies on efficiency. As part of the planning surrounding the yearlong celebration of our 50th anniversary as a county library system, we have been looking to the community for ways to collaborate and reduce duplication. The Haliburton Highlands Land Trust is an excellent example of an organization that can collaborate with the library in mutually beneficial ways.

Libraries by their very nature are designed to organize information including both the know-how and the latest in cataloguing technology. However, library staff cannot be expected to be experts in every field of study. This is where collaboration comes in; we can organize, house and provide access to relevant information and the Land Trust can recommend materials and help purchase them. The end result is a physical collection that supports both institutions’ mandates and is created with the best possible input.”

We are excited to embark upon this collaboration with our local library system. We can help to provide a great selection of materials that educate and entertain, while fulfilling our mandate of offering resources and information to the community.

Now – here’s where you come in!

  • Have an idea for a book that should be part of this collection? Let us know! You can fill out the form below, or contact our office by email or phone (705) 457-3700
  • Would you be willing to sponsor this program? Same deal, you can fill out the form below, or reach out to our office. Some people agree to sponsor a specific title, others just donate a fixed amount. Donations can be accepted by debit or credit (via Paypal), or by sending a cheque to our office – 739 Mountain St., Box 1478 Haliburton ON K0M 1S0.

Every bit of support helps. Let’s build a great collection of reading and research materials for our county’s year-round residents, cottagers, and visitors.

Suggested Topics:

  • Local Topics: Field Guides, Invasive Species, Wetlands, Natural Shorelines, Native Plants, Species at Risk, Gardening, Woodlot Management, Healthy Septic Systems, Lake Stewardship…
  • Global Topics: Climate Change, Ecology, Environmentalism, Pollution…
  • Fiction: Books that remind us why we love our wild spaces, the natural world, and why the need to protect it.
  • Children’s Books: Anything that encourages kids to learn about and/or appreciate nature.

Click here to read the Library’s 2015 Library Annual Report  (844 kb, PDF file)

Book Suggesion Form

Submit your suggestions for the Land Trust's Library collection!
  • Please provide a valid email address. Rest assured. your privacy is important to us. You will not be contacted without your permission, except in the context of this suggestion and/or donation.
  • The Library reserves the right to ensure that titles suggested are suitable for the collection in terms of content and format. If approved for the collection, they will search for titles and obtain them, within the limits of available funding.
  • The Haliburton County Public Library will purchase books for the Land Trust collection, and will manage this resource through existing library systems. We appreciate any and all financial support for this project!
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