2017 Enviro-Hero Award Winners

Brian Cain accepted the Enviro-Hero award on behalf of the Glamor Lake Cottagers’ Association in the Highlands East category during the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust Gala at Pinestone on Sunday evening. /Photo credit Haliburton Echo, JENN WATT Staff


Highlands East : The Glamor Lake Cottagers’ Association

The award recognizes all their efforts on protecting water quality.  The Association was instrumental in supporting and promoting the Highlands East septic inspection program.

They tabled a motion supporting mandatory on-site inspections on Glamor Lake. The motion passed unanimously. Then they met with Little Glamor Lake and Billings Lake associations, who in turn both supported the program.

Taking their understanding of protecting water quality one step further, the association signed up for the “Love Your Lake” shoreline evaluation and stewardship program.  In addition, they passed a motion to provide funds for shoreline restoration work at the public park between Glamor and Little Glamor Lakes. Little Glamor Lake Association will also provide funds for this project. Brian Cain will accept the award on behalf of the Glamor Lake Cottagers’ Association.

Brian Nash was the winner of the Enviro-Hero award in the Dysart et al category for his work on renewable energy. Nash owns and operates Haliburton Wind and Solar out of Abbey Gardens. Sheila Ziman presented the award. /JENN WATT Staff


Dysart et al:  Brian Nash – Haliburton Solar & Wind

Haliburton Solar and Wind is an innovative energy organization that has built Ontario’s first Off Grid Demonstration Center right here in Haliburton County at the Abbey Gardens property. The Center is a critical component to Haliburton Solar and Wind’s ongoing efforts to increase Ontario’s situational awareness in context to energy policy and individual energy security.

Brian is a firm believer in sustainable self-reliant living.  He has made significant contributions to the community by educating and promoting sustainable living through his business and volunteer efforts.  He is particularly proud of his volunteer work in the community where he strives to have a positive impact.

Brian is active in a number of local organizations: Haliburton Rotary, HCDC, and the Haliburton Heat Bank to name a few.  He is also a member of Dysart et al’s Environment and Conservation Committee, bringing a wealth of knowledge around alternative energy.   During the Green Living Tour, he opened his own home to demonstrate off grid living.  Dysart’s alternative energy video posted on their website features Brian talking about the various types of power that can be generated locally and used to sustain the home or cottage.  

Dysart said that they are now seeing year-round home building in places where there is no hydro! Imagine the joy in having no hydro bills!


TD Minden manager Carol Patrick, right, accepted the Enviro-Hero award on behalf of the volunteers who work at TD Tree Day each year in Minden. Photo credit Haliburton Echo,/JENN WATT Staff

The Township of Minden Hills:  the volunteers of TD Tree Days 

TD Tree Days is a program of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. This program has been helping to green communities across Canada since 1990.  TD Minden has hosted TD Tree days for the last 2 years in Minden.

We honour all the volunteers who have planted over 1,000 native trees, shrubs and flowers along the shores of the Gull River in Minden.  Please walk the Riverwalk or canoe down the river to see the new plantings.  This new vegetation will help stabilize the shoreline, create wildlife habitat and mitigate the effects of flooding, not to mention deter the geese and lesson the poop factor!

The Love Your Lake program through the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association received the Enviro-Hero award for the Algonquin Highlands region at the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust’s gala on Oct. 22. Sheila Ziman, left, announced the winners and AH Mayor Carol Moffatt, second from left, gave out the certificate. Love Your Lake was represented by Rita Moore and John McHardy. /Photo credit Haliburton Echo,JENN WATT Staff

Algonquin Highlands:  Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association – Love Your Lakes Program

Love Your Lake is a shoreline evaluation and stewardship program developed by Watersheds Canada and the Canadian Wildlife Federation for use by local organizations across Canada.

In Haliburton County this program was delivered by volunteers with the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association and its member lake associations. This year in Algonquin Highlands, John McHardy and Rita Moore took the lead in organizing the program – no mean feat as it involved billeting the student evaluators, finding boat drivers, scheduling the evaluations of thousands of properties and analyzing the data.

But they will tell you that all the work was worthwhile because it helps protect shorelines and improve water quality in the lakes of Haliburton County. The goal of the Love Your Lake program is to help shoreline owners, landscapers and contractors maintain a minimum of 75% of the 100-foot ribbon of natural vegetation along the shoreline to mitigate runoff, reduce pollution and provide natural habitat for shoreline wildlife.

In the last 4 years, across the County, 72 lakes and over 1,000 km of shoreline, representing over 13,000 properties have been surveyed.  An extraordinary effort, surpassing all other local organizations in Ontario!