Animal Tracks Land Trust Discovery Days Online Challenge! February 2021

Discovery Days Virtual Feb 2021 poster

Click above for a poster explaining how you can participate in “My Backyard” virtual Discovery Days!

Below you will find a variety of resources to help your animal tracking detective skills!

HHLT and Abbey Gardens Photos and Tracks Photos and examples of tracks and scat of many local animals.

Mammal Tracking Pamphlet Mammal Tracking Booklet Winter 2021  A brochure that highlights basic tracking information.

Abbey Gardens My Track&Scat Booklet  This booklet would be fun to print and use to draw tracks, keep a record of your observations.

Field_Guide1 1- Mammal Tracks    Great examples in Field Guide 1 and 2 with detailed information about many mammal tracks.

Field_Guide2- Mammal Tracks