April and May 2021 Spring Wildflowers and Leeks Challenge

Share your observations, photos and information on our facebook page!  We look forward to helping you identify plants you find in your backyard or your walking space.  Please remember to respect distancing rules during these times of COVID-19 restrictions.  Scroll down for links to interesting and informative information on wildflowers and the sustainable harvesting of wild leeks.

Please note that harvesting or picking any plants on HHLT properties is not allowed.

Spring WildFlowers_Wild Leek Virtual Event poster

Link to our facebook page here

Southern Ontario”s Native  Plants and Wildflowers Video Link

Sustainable harvesting of wild leeks  


More Spring Wildflower YouTube Videos:

Kevin Callan & daughter in woods – 7 minutes – informative and funny!

The Happy Camper and his daughter head out to the woods in early Spring to identify a few key wildflowers/plants: Red and White Trillium, Trout Lilly, Poison Ivy (berries), March Marigold, Horsetail, Wild Leek, MayApple.



Ontario Parks – 2 minutes –  All About Spring Ephemerals



Wild Leeks – 3 minutes – good information on wild leeks including important info on sustainable harvesting.


We look forward to seeing your photos through the rest of April and May!