Along with Conservation, Research and Education are key areas of focus for the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust.  Below, you will find links to many documents, projects, best practice guidelines and other interesting publications.

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New Releases!

“Think Skink” video link!

David Archibald has created this whimsical video to accompany his song Five-Lined Skink.  Below you will also find a link to just the song.  Have a look!

HHLT has also published a Best Practices document to help protect the skink.   Click Here to view the poster and do your part to help skinks. 

Photo By Scott Gillingwater





Well known singer/songwriter David Archibald has kindly shared his adorable song for our use – Five-Lined Skink!


The Gift of Place: Fred and Pearl Barry Wetland Reserve link

This wonderful booklet was written by Dennis Barry, Margaret Carney and Paul Heaven.  You will find a touching story which tells of the love Fred and Pearl Barry had for the land and will also learn more about the special place that is the Fred and Pearl Barry Reserve.


Best Management Practices:  Guidelines for Protecting Wetlands link

If you are interested in the amazing research done in order to guide people in protecting wetlands, this is the booklet for you!

Best Management Practices for Bats January 2018

A publication by the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust, Paul Heaven and with assistance from the Ministry of Natural Resources, is now available here! This document provides valuable information about bats and how we can best work towards helping this endangered  group of species to better survive and thrive.




Newsletters, Annual Publications from Past Years


The Land Trust believes in the importance of education in ensuring our natural and cultural heritage is protected.  The Land Trust encourages you to get informed about what you can do to help conservation efforts in the Haliburton Highlands through:

The Land Trust also produces informational materials:

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