reflections is the compelling ongoing story of environmental conservation in the Haliburton Highlands. It is a digital living library produced by the Land Trust with creative partners, Highland Media Arts. It is accessible through its online interface, Youtube, and available on DVD for educational and informative use per request.

reflections is composed of informative, entertaining, flexible and heart warming video chapters focusing on the Land Trust, the Neighbourhood and the Wildlife and the efforts of individuals and groups – past, present and future- that  impact the environment of the Haliburton Highlands. reflections welcomes community ownership and engagement -submissions (i.e. clips, photos, full video proposals) are welcome!

Dahl Forest

Emergence of Old Growth at Smith Forest

Join wildlife biologist Paul Heaven to explore Smith Forest, a nature reserve in Haliburton County, Ontario, protected by the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust. Discover how woodlands mature over time to develop the characteristics of an old growth forest.

Emergence of Old Growth at Smith Forest from Haliburton Highlands Land Trust on Vimeo.


Old Growth Forest at Clear Lake Conservation Reserve

Join Jim Nighswander to discover the remarkable biodiversity at the Clear Lake Conservation Reserve in Haliburton County, Ontario. Old growth forest and a nearby meromictic lake sustain an important ecosystem that is home to an enormous diversity of interacting species, from tiny microbes to massive hemlocks.

Old Growth Forest at Clear Lake Conservation Reserve from Haliburton Highlands Land Trust on Vimeo.


Turtle Mortality in the Haliburton Highlands

Turtles in Haliburton County – and throughout Ontario – are at risk from extinction due to extremely high rates of road mortality. Females in particular are frequently killed on our highways, wiping out future generations of these special creatures. Listen to wildlife biologist Paul Heaven describe the risks that turtles face and learn about the efforts the community in the Haliburton Highlands is taking to ensure our roads are safer for turtles in the years to come.


Rock the Environment with Michael Bainbridge


Nature in the ‘Hood: Discovery Days – Wondrous Wings


Haliburton – Words & Art by Janet Trull


Nature in the ‘Hood: Discovery Days – Where are the Whip-poor-wills?


Snapping Turtles with Dr. Ron Brooks


Nature in the ‘Hood: Discovery Days – Biodiversity and the Dahl Forest


Nature in the ‘Hood: Discovery Days – Sciensational Sssnakes!!


Norah’s Island


Voices of the Land Trust


Turtle Talk


Think Skink

Just like nature, reflections is living and evolving – video chapters and topics will continue to be added, so check back soon!