Smith Forest

Smith Forest is a 72-acre forested property bordering a wetland complex on the Burnt River was donated under Environment Canada’s Ecogifts Program.  This ecologically significant property will now be protected and managed by the Land Trust.  The property is dominated by mature maple and basswood with fingers of calcareous soils and is representative of a limited ecosite within Haliburton County.

Smith Forest on the Burnt River

Photo by Paul Heaven


On February 14, 2011, papers were signed to transfer title for two properties owned by Donald A. Smith, a long-time resident of Haliburton County, to the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust.

In order to ensure funding for the protection and management of this ecologically significant property, Donald A. Smith has also donated a 2-acre waterfront lot on Black Lake, north of Haliburton village.  Mr. Smith’s wish is to have the land trust sell the lot in order to establish an endowment fund to pay for the expenses of protecting and managing the 72-acre property and to support HHLT with its mission to protect the natural heritage of Haliburton County for future generations.

“My late wife Lorraine always wanted to protect the 72 acres across from the lot.  After she died, I wanted to see that her wish was honoured and that negotiations with the Land Trust to protect the property continued.”

This is an enduring legacy and important gift to the people of Haliburton County.  Forests play a priceless role in maintaining biodiversity, and keeping our environment healthy.