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The Land Trust collects information, brochures, books and other reading materials to help inform and educate people about issues related to conservation, our natural world, species at risk, invasive species, and so much more!

If you are a property owner who wants to learn more, to become a responsible steward for your land, we want to help! Our office has a collection of information sheets and brochures available for you, and this website contains a wide variety of other materials that we will add to regularly.

For those materials in book format, we have a partnership with the Haliburton County Public Library to house our “Land Trust Collection”, a collection of books available to anyone with a library card. There are books of fiction and reference materials aimed to educate and entertain! The collection can soon be accessed via the Library’s website

For more information on the library collection, see You may also suggest books to include in the collection and/or offer to make a donation to sponsor a book or just a general donation toward the program.


Resources available for download include:

Managing Your Woodlot in a Changing Climate (3.76 mb PDF)

Ontario’s Biodiversity Plan 2012-2020 (5 mb PDF)

…stay tuned…


Links to more information:

Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry

Categorizing and Protecting Habitat Under the Endangered Species Act