From time to time we get interesting stories or photographs submitted by members and other people in the community. We’ll post some of those here. If you have stories to share, we’d love to hear them! And photos are even better.

Woodcock, photo credit: Alison Curtis

“?We had a woodcock visit us last week during the ice storm. It was in the wet area behind our house, clear as anything from our living room and in broad daylight. As it stayed around for over 3 hours until we lost sight of it after sunset, we were able to watch it eating, bopping (literally) around and even sleeping. Naturally we took lots of photographs and videos. I wondered how it fared after the storm as we had at least 6 inches of heavy icy snow but I heard a woodcock call this morning at 5 am, so I am pretty sure it is still around.” ~Alison Curtis

Alison took a number of photos, and a couple of videos of the woodcock dancing on the ice. Check it out:

Dancing Woodcock1

Dancing Woodcock2