Bats Project updated January 2018

News as of January 9, 2018

A new publication by the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust, Paul Heaven and with assistance from the Ministry of Natural Resources, is now available here!

It is titled ” Best Management Practices for Bats”  This document provides valuable information about bats and how we can best work towards helping this endangered  group of species to better survive and thrive.

Best Management Practices for Bats January 2018


In 2017, with funding from the Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund, the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust began a project to look at bat populations in Haliburton County.  The public response to requests for bat observations was phenomenal and helped identify 88 sites for investigation.   Recording devices were set up at 56 sites and 12,663 bat calls were recorded and analyzed.  Paul Heaven, the project’s biologist, was able to identify 7 of the 8 bat species found in Ontario. The eighth bat, Northern Myotis, was identified but confidence levels fluctuated.  Little Brown Myotis, Eastern Small-footed Myotis, Northern Myotis and Tri-coloured Bat are species at risk.  We were very pleased to discover that all 4 Land Trust properties had recordings of bats, including some at risk species.

This project continues next year, so if you were unable to attend our bat box building workshop this year, make sure you sign up early to ensure a seat.  Also, when spring comes, watch out for bats as we will be asking for your observations again.

Note:  Watch out for the publication of our Best Management Practices for Bat Conservation.