Rock Our World 2020 Fundraising Campaign

We invite you to Rock Our World 2020!

Although we are unable to hold our largest fundraising event – the Rock Our World (ROW) dance, we are hoping that you will contribute, in a different way.  Protection and maintenance costs of our properties go on regardless of COVID and fundraising opportunities are limited.  Would you please consider a donation of perhaps the value of your tickets ($35.00/per ticket), to our ROW non-event fundraising campaign. 

Make your contribution today! CLICK HERE to make your donation.  We appreciate your support!  Know that every dollar donated will go directly to support our mandate of Conservation, Education and Research.

Each donation will receive a charitable tax receipt. Also if your ROW ticket price donation is made by August 31st 2020, your name will be entered into a draw to win a $100.00 gift certificate to the Rhubarb restaurant.  This prize was purchased by a faithful HHLT supporter, as a thank you to the Rhubarb for their past years’ donations!