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Species at Risk JournalThe Species at Risk journal is a product of the research the Land Trust  has been doing to develop a Natural Heritage Strategy for Haliburton County. The Land Trust’s Board of Directors began this process because they were interested in identifying focal areas for conservation. The presence of Species at Risk (SAR) and potentially suitable habitat for these species are two of the Land Trust’s criteria for land acquisition for conservation purposes. Other criteria may include areas in the Haliburton region with ecological integrity; corridors to sustain the existence of healthy populations of native wildlife; areas which will assist in maintaining or restoring water quality; and areas typical of the diversity of native flora and fauna.

The contents of this journal reflect existing literature on SAR in Ontario and provide reference material on Species at Risk in Haliburton County. It outlines the status, habitat preferences and threats to each species. It also includes photos and information of interest to help members of the public identify the 20 SAR in Haliburton County.

From 2008 to 2010 many members of the community reported sightings of SAR to the Land Trust and combined with research projects, the Land Trust has increased the number of documented observations of SAR in the County by 465%.

Order a SAR journal

SAR journals are $25.00 (includes HST) plus shipping if required (usually $8.00.). Please e-mail admin@haliburtonlandtrust.ca or call the Land Trust office at 705-457-3700 to order your copy today.

The Land Trust hopes you use this journal to increase your knowledge of SAR and learn about the tremendous biodiversity in Haliburton County. The Land Trust encourages you to use the reporting forms at the back of the journal to report SAR observations to our office.

Sightings can also be sent directly to:

Paul Heaven
Wildlife Biologist
Glenside Ecological Services Limited
2490 Horseshoe Lake Road
Minden, ON  K0M 2K0
Telephone: 705-286-3181
E-mail: pheaven@glenside-eco.ca