Congratulations to our 2018 Enviro-Heroes!

Congratulations to Andrew Carmount and to Carolynn Coburn and Eric Lilius, deserving winners of the HHLT Enviro-Heros Awards!

Left to right Carolynn Coburn, Eric Lllius, Peter Brogden, Mary Lou Gerstl, Paul Heaven (absent Andrew Carmount)

Carolynn has been involved with Environmental issues in Haliburton County for decades.  She served as Chair of the Haliburton County CASE and is a long time president of Environment Haliburton.  She is a lawyer and has brought a reasoned and passionate approach to the ongoing development of sound public policing in our region.

Eric has been deeply involved in all manner of environmental protection in the Highlands for over 40 years.  He is an activist working tirelessly to support the presentation and facilitation of countless events such as speaker series, concerts and festivals.  These activities have raised the environmental consciousness of our community.  Eric’s commitment has been instrumental to the introduction of improved waste management and recycling in the county.

Andrew is an early supporter of protecting the environment.  He joined the Green Party at the young age of 15 and in high school, he was Vice President of the Student Council and worked very hard to revive the school’s recycling  program.  He educated students on the “how and why” of recycling as a member of the school’s eco-team he fought to keep the program operational.  A few years ago, he worked with other students to establish a community garden at Nature’s Place.  I hear that the tomatoes were so bountiful they were given away to visitors of Nature’s Place.  Andrew and friends produced a video to help educate people about sustainable gardening.  And, if that is not enough, Andrew sat on the Algonquin Highlands Environment Committee for 2 years.

The HHLT also honoured Paul Heaven for all the work he has done over the years to help us move forward with research projects and with our land acquisitions. Paul has also helped to put the Land Trust “on the map” through his excellent work on the Turtle Mitigation project and the Bats at Risk project.

Finally, the HHLT is also very grateful to Peter Brogden for making a significant donation of over $6000.  His donation will be put towards our properties and trails to fulfill his wish to make it possible for people of all ages to walk in the woods.  Peter is the first HHLT donor to donate securities.  Recently the HHLT has set up an account in order to be able to accept donations of securities. We are hoping that word will spread and that others will consider this option as we all work towards protecting the land we love for future generations!

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