Conservation Options

Conservation Options BrochureUnderstanding the important connections between a healthy environment and healthy communities is vital as development pressures build and more people settle permanently in Haliburton County.
Natural landscapes provide natural capital – renewable and non-renewable resources, biodiversity – and include key elements such as pure drinking water, clean air, productive soil and healthy wildlife populations.

The Haliburton Highlands’ natural environment needs our attention. Active stewardship and enjoyment of our natural areas are directly linked to our personal health – and the health of our environment.

What can I do?

There are several ways you can create an enduring – and living – legacy that will build a sustainable future for your children, grandchildren, the community and the environment.

As a landowner, you may have decided you want to protect the natural and/or cultural features of your land. Being a good steward of your land means knowing how your property fits into the wider system, and providing what it needs for its continued ecological well-being. With the help of a number of programs, you can plan and implement best practices for stewardship and conservation options on your property.

Private Land Stewardship:
Linking Conservation with Financial Benefits

As a private landowner, why should conservation and stewardship be important to you?

Conservation is all about protecting and managing our natural resources and environment so that they are here for future generations – our kids and grandkids – to use and enjoy.

And stewards – like caregivers who look after our kids – take care of the land.

Covered in forests with hundreds of lakes, thousands of wetlands, and dotted with fields and many rivers, the Haliburton Highlands is home to vast stretches of ecologically important lands. And many of these natural areas are privately owned.

There are a number of federal and provincial programs available that not only increase your knowledge – and improve and encourage stewardship – but also help you to protect and conserve your land for future generations and realize significant financial benefits.

For more information, the Land Trust published the Conservation Options Booklet. Download it or contact the Land Trust to get a copy.

Misty Lake

Photo by Lyn Winan